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Oracle pledges to advance Sun storage; SolarWinds looks to bring storage admins off the island

Headlines: Oracle executives lay out strategy after Sun acquisition and say they intend to continue selling Sun tape and enterprise data storage hardware; an expected convergence of networking and storage management drives SolarWinds to acquire SRM and monitoring software vendor Tek-Tools.

Storage channel news roundup for Jan. 27 to Feb. 3, 2010

Oracle pledges to continue Sun's open source storage and tape products

Oracle Corp. executives last week said they intend to use Sun Microsystems Inc.'s storage product portfolio to compete in the disk and tape business -- in support of and outside of Oracle's software applications -- now that its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun is finally complete.

Oracle finally laid out its integration strategy following months of delay caused by the European Commission's scrutiny of the deal. During the delay, it was unclear how much of a role storage would play in the new company but Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said he expects to increase share in key storage markets.

"We're in both businesses -- we're in the best-of-breed components business … and in the complete integrated systems business," Ellison said during an all-day webcast.

Ellison even threw down the gauntlet directly at one of Sun's fiercest storage competitors, NetApp Inc., which has traded lawsuits with Sun over patent infringement related to the open source Zettabyte File System (ZFS).

"If you're a NetApp user, you should look at the [Oracle] ZFS Storage Appliance -- it's kind of a next-generation NetApp storage appliance," Ellison said. "We expect to take share in servers, we expect to take share in storage, and we expect to take share in archival tape."

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SolarWinds aims to integrate Tek-Tools storage resource management with network, server management

Network management software vendor SolarWinds entered the storage resource management (SRM) market last week in anticipation of IT convergence gaining steam.

SolarWinds executives say their $42 million acquisition of SRM vendor Tek-Tools was spurred by their belief that IT organizations want to bring storage into their common IT management framework. SolarWinds will sell Tek-Tools' Profiler SRM application as a standalone product and eventually integrate it into its Orion IT management suite.

"We've been selling application management into network and systems management teams," said Kenny Van Zant, senior vice president and chief product strategist at SolarWinds. "Storage people are viewed as an island to themselves with their own teams and their own tools. We think that's changing."

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Automated tiered storage startup Avere adds support for flash SSDs

As it pledged when it first shipped products last October, automated tiered storage startup Avere Inc. is shipping flash solid-state drives (SSDs) for use in its FXT Series clustered NAS appliances.

Avere last week said it qualified Intel Corp.'s 64 GB X25-E single level cell (SLC) SSDs in a new appliance called the FXT 2700, which follows the first two FXT Series nodes Avere shipped late last year with SAS drives. The FXT 2700 will ship with SSDs and no hard disk drives, 64 GB of DRAM, 1 GB NVRAM and up to 512 GB flash capacity per appliance. FXT clusters scale to 25 nodes, which would hold up to 13 TB of flash capacity. The 2700 appliance also offers a choice between two 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 10 GigE connections.

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CommVault adds cloud data storage tier option to Simpana

CommVault Inc. is embracing cloud data storage with an upgrade released this week to its Simpana software that lets customers use offsite service providers for a data backup or data archiving tier.

The integrated cloud data storage connector for Simpana uses the native REST protocol over HTTP connectivity to integrate with APIs from Amazon S3, Iron Mountain ASP, Microsoft Azure and Nirvanix SDN services, as well as to EMC Atmos storage. The API integration lets customers move data to the cloud without scripts or gateway appliances. They rent storage from providers and move data to the cloud in the same way as they back up data to disk or tape.

CommVault executives have talked about adding cloud storage features to Simpana 9 due later this year, but decided to launch cloud connectivity as part of a Service Pack to Simpana 8.

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Continuity Software adds disaster recovery service-level agreement management to RecoverGuard

Continuity Software Inc. this week rolled out RecoverGuard 5, an upgrade to its disaster recovery (DR) monitoring and reporting software with support for managing disaster recovery processes according to user-set service-level agreements (SLAs).

RecoverGuard's SLA management module lets customers define policies, apply them to applications, track violations of those policies, and view reports and analytics in an SLA browser.

Continuity Software CTO Doron Pinhas said customers can designate multiple goals for each policy they set, and then assign those policies to business services. They receive an alert when the underlying disaster recovery infrastructure has what Continuity calls a "gap," through a color-coded system in the SLA browser.

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E-discovery, regulatory compliance products and services launch at LegalTech

With LegalTech New York 2010 going on this week, there is a flurry of e-discovery and regulatory compliance product and partnership news.

RenewData claims improved performance for its eDiscovery service

Service provider RenewData Corp. said it installed a new back-end system and process at its data centers to improve e-discovery processing of backup tapes. The new infrastructure, which Renew calls the eDiscovery Acceleration Platform, is based on a consolidated networked storage system (by Hitachi Data Systems/BlueArc Corp.) that eliminates the need to transfer media between separate banks of machines for each step of the tape indexing process. According to assistant vice president of product marketing Joe Garber, RenewData can now process up to 1 PB of "legacy data" stored on backup tapes for customers.

RenewData also shared its roadmap plans this week, including a plan to add live archive data processing into the same platform, support for structured data, and integration with the legal review software, Vestigate, which it acquired last year with the purchase of privately held Digital Mandate.

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Employee job satisfaction: Why I love/hate my enterprise data storage job

Despite the current economy, enterprise data storage professionals in many industries managed to see pay increases last year even as company closings and layoffs sent some looking for new jobs. While the value of a job is often weighed against its salary, compensation doesn't always affect day-to-day work life.

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