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EMC releases FAST for automated tiered storage; Symantec has solid-state drive auto-discovery

Headlines: EMC's FAST automates the migration of LUNs between tiers of Flash, Fibre Channel and SATA disk, but sub-LUN level migration and support for thin provisioning are at least six months out; Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation V5.1 includes solid-state drive auto-discovery, thin provisioning auto-reclamation, Hyper-V integration and accelerated application recovery with Veritas Cluster File System.

EMC releases first version of FAST for automated tiered storage

EMC Corp. this week began shipping the IBM automated tiered data storage capabilities it first revealed in April, and laid out its roadmap for the technology that the vendor claims could eventually eliminate the need for Fibre Channel (FC) storage.

EMC first promised FAST when it brought out its new Symmetrix V-Max enterprise disk arrays eight months ago. Now, FAST is available for V-Max, Clariion midrange storage-area network (SAN) systems and Celerra network-attached storage (NAS).

The first version doesn't do all EMC claimed it would do back in April. Version 1 of FAST enables automatic logical unit number (LUN) migration between tiers of Flash, Fibre Channel and SATA storage according to user-set policy. Support for more sophisticated features such as block-level migration and thin provisioning are planned for Version 2, due around the third quarter of 2010.

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Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation V5.1 has solid-state drive auto-discovery, thin volume reclaim

Symantec Corp. is beefing up its storage resource management software by enhancing visibility for solid-state drives (SSDs), strengthening its thin provisioning capabilities, adding integration with Microsoft Corp.'s Hyper-V and improving application recovery in the Veritas Cluster File System.

The enhancements to Veritas Storage Foundation, Cluster File System and Cluster File Server are included in Version 5.1 of its Veritas Storage Foundation platform for Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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Symantec offers subscription-priced Storage Foundation for Amazon cloud storage

Symantec Corp. this week unveiled a new subscription-priced version of its Storage Foundation storage management software for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) customers, allowing organizations to manage Amazon's storage attached to EC2 hosts.

Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation Basic and Symantec Endpoint Protection security software are available as custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for a monthly flat fee of $4.99 per instance plus an hourly rate when the AMIs are used.

The Veritas Storage Foundation AMI can be used to manage storage on EC2's Elastic Block Store (EBS), which had been offered by Amazon as direct-attached block storage for EC2 instances. Amazon's other cloud storage service, Simple Storage Service (S3), uses an object interface and isn't part of this integration, according to Symantec vice president of product marketing John Magee.

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Data deduplication tools move into data backup infrastructure, but tape media hangs on

Data deduplication technology has added a new argument to the long-running disk vs. tape data backup and recovery debate. Though deduplication tools are still in their infancy, dedupe opens a path toward eliminating tape entirely from many enterprise data storage infrastructures. But tape fans say that the medium's portability and long-term storage capability mean it's more about "tape will always have its place" rather than "tape is dead."

Even Shane Jackson, director of product marketing for EMC's Backup Recovery Systems division, agrees. "We've never gone to the extreme of 'tape is dead,'" he said.

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F5 Networks adds ARX2000 Nehalem-based midrange file virtualization switch

F5 Networks Inc. is extending its file virtualization platform with an ARX2000 midrange switch and a software upgrade that makes all of its ARX devices more Windows friendly. The new addition, the ARX2000, is a 2U box with 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports built on Intel Nehalem processors. F5 Networks claims the ARX2000 has a maximum throughput of 4 Gbps. The ARX2000's list price of $90,000 is less than half of that of the next largest ARX switch, the ARX4000 enterprise switch. The ARX4000 is a 4U box with 12 GigE or two 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) ports that lists at $185,000.

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BlueArc Titan clustered NAS helps put 'Planet 51' into orbit

Creating the animated film "Planet 51" was a seven-year project for Ilion Animation Studios, and putting together a networked storage infrastructure was a big part of that adventure.

The Madrid, Spain-based studio was founded in 2002, and got its first full-length movie into production when "Planet 51" opened last month. Ilion turned to BlueArc Corp.'s Titan clustered network-attached storage (NAS) three years ago as its animators began intense work for the feature.

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Scale Computing develops IBM's GPFS for midmarket scale-out multiprotocol storage

Scale Computing Inc., which first entered the enterprise data storage market earlier this year, released the second version of its storage system based on IBM Corp.'s Global Parallel File System (GPFS) for midmarket and small companies.

Scale, which came out of stealth with its Intelligent Clustered Storage (ICS) system in June, now claims 30 paying customers and 50 channel partners. ICS 2.0 features broader data protection and greater expandability.

ICS takes management features and multiprotocol access developed by Scale and wraps them around IBM's high-performance computing (HPC) proprietary parallel file system, including CIFS NFS, and iSCSI, which can all be run simultaneously.

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