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IT ponders Gartner lawsuit; other news

IT vets ponder Gartner Magic Quadrant lawsuit, value; more headlines.

IT channel news in brief for Oct. 23, 2009

IT vets ponder Gartner Magic Quadrant lawsuit, value

Some IT professionals can identify with claims in a lawsuit lodged last spring against Gartner alleging that the research giant unfairly favors large vendors in its Magic Quadrant vendor rankings.

Filed by ZL Technologies Inc., a small email and file archiving vendor once known as ZipLip, the suit claims that Gartner Inc.'s much-hyped Magic Quadrant vendor rankings favor big companies with large budgets and that small companies don't get a fair shot.

Some IT experts told that they agree with that characterization but use Gartner rankings nonetheless.

Speaking of Gartner…

Not letting a little thing like a lawsuit get in the way, this week Gartner pronounced its top ten strategic technologies for 2010. They are (drum roll please): Cloud computing in the number one slot, followed by advanced analytics, client computing and green IT. "Virtualization for availability" landed at number 8. Last year's Gartner strategic top ten put virtualization (in general) in the top spot.

Windows client/server onslaught begins anew

While Microsoft hyped the heck out of its Windows 7 launch on Oct. 22, most IT sorts have their eye on the new server OS, Windows Server 2008 R2, also available now.

The most eagerly awaited perks include enhanced Active Directory features, Remote Desktop Services and Live Migration in Hyper-V, according to's recent survey of more than 800 IT pros about 2009 Windows Purchasing Intentions.

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