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Top IT Channel Marker blogs for September 2009

The IT services buying spree was center stage in September, and blog posts around Dell buying Perot Systems and reports of an HP reorg were the most-read posts for September.

1. Big changes for spawn of Perot
Within days of Dell pledging to buy Perot Systems for $3.9 billion, HP dropped the EDS moniker from its newly acquired services arm, slapping HP Enterprise Services over it. Both Perot Systems and EDS were famously founded by H. Ross Perot, former IBM super salesman who eventually ran a flip-chart-fueled run for president against Bill Clinton and Bush Senior.

2. Not 'getting' the channel
How is it that the super-educated, technology-soaked wonks at Oracle can't handle the most basic channel question?

3. Huge HP changes on deck
Reports are flying that HP is going to meld its once-sacred and once hugely profitable printer business into its PC group.

4. Microsoft starts testing Office Web Apps
As of this month, select testers can start checking out Microsoft's much-ballyhooed Office Web Apps.

5. Two developers make the most of the VMware ecosystem
Akorri and DataCore are two vendors doing a good job riding VMware's coattails, writes Channel Marker blogger Heather Clancy.

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