TuCloud, IBM fight for Desktop as a Service cloud

IBM says it is the first to launch a Desktop as a Service cloud infrastructure, but tuCloud might already have the service in place.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of Sept. 14- 18, 2009.

TuCloud, IBM compete for Desktop as a Service cloud

A startup company, tuCloud, may have beaten IBM in IBM's quest to be the first to offer a Desktop as a Service cloud computing infrastructure.

Smart Business Desktop is IBM's Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform that combines technology from VMware, Citrix, Wyse and Desktone. IBM's DaaS infrastructure is set to launch in October 2009.

TuCloud already delivers on-demand Windows Vista or Windows 7 hosted desktops with up to 4 GB RAM and offers pay-per-use and pre-pay pricing models, starting at $120 for the first desktop (1 GB RAM) and $65 extra for additional ones. A customer can have as much as 100 virtual desktops with preconfigured environments, according to virtualization.info.

Oracle updates open source Berkeley DB product line

Oracle has released new versions of Oracle Berkeley DB and Oracle Berkeley DB XML, which are both open source, embeddable databases.

Solutions providers can integrate Oracle Corp.'s Berkeley DB products directly into their customers' software applications, devices and equipment with little administration.

New features in Oracle Berkeley DB 4.8 include improved failure handling for multi-threaded applications, a new SQL utility, C++ Standard Template Library (STL) integration, automatic creation and access to multiple table partitions and enhanced locking/latching code.

Improvements in Berkeley DB XML 2.5 consist of support for external functions, allowing users to extend XQuery statements in C++ Java and Python APIs, and a smaller on-disk footprint for XML containers, according to SearchOracle.com.

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