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NetApp and Emulex prep cloud storage push; FalconStor enters storage hardware market with its NSS HC

Headlines: Enterprise data storage vendors NetApp and Emulex hatch new plans to compete in cloud storage and multi-tenant environments, but technically defining the cloud remains elusive; FalconStor brings its NSS HC series to the U.S. to challenge its own partners with a low-end SAN system.

Storage channel news roundup for Aug. 6-12

Enterprise data storage market gears up for new cloud approaches

A move to the clouds appears to be "on tap" from NetApp Inc., one of several major enterprise data storage vendors preparing a cloud storage push.

According to one if its corporate bloggers, NetApp is working with Cisco Systems Inc. and VMware Inc. to develop a secure multi-tenancy application for private clouds in the enterprise data center. It's also laying out its strategy for entering the cloud computing market, and signs point to the next Data Ontap operating system release playing a major role.

Meanwhile, Emulex Corp. posted new information on its website this week adding details on its cloud storage strategy and arguing that automatic information dispersal among multiple cloud service providers is necessary for enterprise-level data security.

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FalconStor enters storage hardware market with its NSS HC Fibre Channel, iSCSI system

FalconStor Software Inc. is making its Network Storage Server (NSS) HC series, a hardware-based, highly available version of its NSS storage virtualization product, available today and throwing down the gauntlet against low-end storage-area networks (SANs) from Compellent Technologies Inc., Dell Inc.'s EqualLogic, EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co.'s LeftHand Networks and others.

The new NSS HC series consists of four models based on a combination of FalconStor's NSS storage virtualization software and dual-controller iSCSI and Fibre Channel-connected storage hardware from Huawei-3Com (H3C) Co. Ltd.

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NetApp goes native with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage

NetApp added Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) devices through partners today, including an embedded unified target adapter that brings native FCoE connectivity to its storage arrays.

NetApp is rebranding the QLogic Corp. 8152 as its unified target adapter, and offering it as a built-in converged network adapter (CNA) for its FAS arrays and V-Series virtualization devices. The adapter provides FCoE connectivity, and NetApp senior product marketing manager Mike McNamara said NetApp will eventually add iSCSI and network-attached storage (NAS) capability to the card.

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Putting a solid data backup and recovery plan behind mobile devices

Like the old woman who lived in the shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do, data storage departments have been challenged by the daunting task of backing up ever-growing numbers of mobile devices. Challenging? Yes. Important? Definitely.

Consider the case of Nanette Lepore, a high-fashion designer and founder of an eponymous clothing brand. Although the core IT operations are run out of offices in New York City, many aspects of business operations are widely distributed and mobile. In fact, according to IT director, Jose Cruz, Lepore more or less runs the company from her iPhone.

So when that piece of hardware went missing a couple of years ago, panic set in … and for good reason, it turns out. Some of the data on the device ended up doing the rounds with scam sites based in Nigeria. "That was when we decided we had to do something," said Cruz.

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Outsourcing disaster recovery services for SMBs: DR for the masses

For some SMB companies, outsourcing their disaster recovery service is a better choice than on-site disaster recovery. Robert Brantley, MIS director for the Miami-based Hyde Shipping Corp., learned that the hard way. After working for more than a decade at the 80-person container vessel company, Brantley discovered that when a large hurricane strikes the Miami area, on-site recovery isn't much help.

"Back in 1992, when Andrew hit, we lost power for several weeks and our backup generator that was running our critical computers died after a week. Then in 2005, Wilma hit. We were doing backups to tape at that time, but if a hole opens up in your roof and you get water in your server room, there's little you can do with tape," Brantley said.

For some SMBs, being down during a major disaster is acceptable, but not for Hyde Shipping. The company has to maintain constant email contact with its six ships carrying cargo throughout the Caribbean. "We rely on email for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication more than faxing or calling because it's less expensive. Our vessels use email to tell us where they're at, when they're going to be in port, what kind of weather they are experiencing and if they are in distress," Brantley said

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Nexsan, FalconStor power data deduplication backup appliances

Nexsan Technologies is teaming up with FalconStor Software on a data backup system with data deduplication and disk spindown that will compete with EMC Corp.'s Data Domain platform.

The Nexsan DeDupe SG consists of Nexsan SATABeast or SATABoy enterprise data storage systems with disk spindown and a server running FalconStor's File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) software. The network-attached storage (NAS) platform consists of six models ranging from 4 TB to 42 TB of usable capacity and ingest rates of 150 MBps to 750 MBps.

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Storage virtualization for affordable disaster recovery

Trucking firm Knight Transportation Inc., and municipalities South Windsor, Conn., and Atascadero, Calif., turned to storage virtualization to improve recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for disaster recovery (DR) purposes without breaking the bank.

Representatives of all three said they were able to keep costs down by improving enterprise data storage efficiency, a prime IT goal during these economic times.

Knight Transportation, headquartered in Phoenix, provides trucking services to clients from 27 locations. It has approximately 4 TB of data, which until six months ago was stored on a Cybernetics miSAN. "Cybernetics fit our needs at the time we installed it, but we had a lot of difficulty getting it to replicate to a second SAN when we purchased it unless they were physically connected by Ethernet," said Cory Staheli, vice president of information systems. "If anything broke, it took us forever and a day to restore from tape and get the systems talking again."

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Rackspace launches cloud storage email archiving service

Rackspace Hosting Inc. is launching Rackspace Archiving, a new cloud-based email archiving service that will allow its hosted email customers to replicate message data into a cloud-based archive for quick recoveries and long-term retention.

Rackspace Archiving will copy all message data as it's created to two separate storage services for redundancy -- Rackspace's own Cloud Files and Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). The service is available for Rackspace's Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Rackspace Email customers.

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Mezeo Software launches Service Provider Alliance Program

Mezeo Software Corp., a cloud storage platform provider, recently introduced the Mezeo Service Provider Alliance Program for service provider partners.

The Mezeo Alliance Program offers service providers a faster time to market, providing support to re-brand and deploy their cloud storage service, including branding support, training resources and marketing assistance.

Riverbed console enables multitenant management of Steelhead devices

Riverbed Technology introduced its Central Management Console - Virtual Edition (CMC-VE) designed for managed service providers. CMC-VE gives MSPs a way to manage multiple sets of the company's Steelhead appliances across multiple customers. As a result, MSPs can scale central management capabilities for their customers as they grow without purchasing and deploying new hardware, the company said.

CommVault adds marketing development funds to PartnerAdvantage channel program

CommVault is expanding its North American PartnerAdvantage program with the addition of a marketing development fund (MDF) program. The new MDF program offers guidance and structure to resellers when submitting a proposal for marketing initiatives. Over 70 channel partners can use the additional funds to support external marketing campaigns or sales initiatives.

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