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Netbook news: Google Android, Intel Moblin and Windows 7 cheat sheet

Netbooks, devices that fit between cell phones and laptops on the computing continuum, are a bright spot in IT sales. Get all the netbook news here.

The Google Android and Intel Moblin operating systems are squaring off against Windows 7 for a place in the netbooks market. And now that larger businesses are starting to take notice of netbooks, will Microsoft finally face substantial competition from other market players? Get the latest netbook news and read blogs covering Windows 7 pricing, the Dell Android phone and more.

Netbook news

VARs see need for device to fill the cell phone-laptop gap
What's the best gadget to fill the gap between a cell phone and a laptop? Some say netbooks are the answer.

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A quick guide to netbooks

The netbook effect: How cheap little laptops hit the big time

Three reasons why netbooks just aren't good enough

Acer embraces Android
A major PC maker says it'll offer the Google Android operating system (OS) option.

Netbooks running Linux loosen Windows grip on hardware
Intel's Moblin OS, Google Android and other Linux OSes are grabbing attention from netbook market leaders.

Intel's Moblin raises stakes on netbook OS race
IT pros' consideration of Intel's Moblin depends on how tightly their companies are locked into Microsoft's stack.

Google Android OS on netbooks: An intriguing proposition
Microsoft has faced down many OS threats over the years. Can Google Android win the uphill battle for the market leader title?

Tech Watch: Business appetite grows for mobile thin clients in Net PC form
Consumers and small-business owners are the main drivers for netbook sales, but as Software as a Service and cloud computing come into play, larger businesses are starting to take notice.

Smart monitors, netbooks to parlay desktop virtualization
Low-cost netbooks and thin-client notebooks are options for resellers considering virtual desktops for their customers.

2008 in rear view, looking ahead to 2009
Netbooks are the hot devices on everybody's list for 2009.

Netbook blogs

Microsoft sets Win 7 pricing
Company says low-end Windows 7 SKUs are cheaper than their Vista equivalents.

Sneak peek at Dell Android phone?
Take a look at Dell's rumored cell phone courtesy of PDAfans via Engadget.

Back to the future: Ellison eyes netbooks
Oracle's CEO agrees that netbooks are the next computing battlefield, writes Channel Marker blogger Barbara Darrow. Or is he just flashing back to network computers?

OS choice for netbooks expands
Channel Marker blogger Barbara Darrow notes that Hewlett-Packard, Dell and possibly other hardware makers were considering putting Google Android on netbooks, but then Intel introduced its Moblin OS.

Vista-capable suit highlights PC power rifts
Legal saga shows how much vendors will do to protect themselves and their very "best" partners -- even at the expense of other partners and their customers.

Windows 7 promised for Oct. 22
Microsoft promised its latest Windows client will be broadly available for retail and preloaded on machines by Oct. 22 -- just in time for holiday shoppers.

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