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HP resizes scale-out NAS system; next-gen archiving

Headlines: HP's StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage scale-out NAS system has been resized to target a broader market; emerging data archiving products focus on software-only delivery and grid architecture, latch onto cloud integration.

Storage channel news roundup for June 11-17, 2009

HP resizes its ExDS9100 scale-out NAS system; finds market broader than original Web 2.0 target

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. is bringing out a smaller version of its HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage (ExDS9100) scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) system after finding the market for the system has been broader than the original target of Web 2.0 data centers.

This week, HP is launching a new configuration that includes a single 82 TB storage block, a BladeSystem c7000 chassis and two active-active storage controllers. The original ExDS9100 entry configuration that came out last year began at three 82 TB blocks for 256 total TB.

When HP first brought out the ExDS9100 system, it targeted Internet-scale applications in Web 2.0 data centers. But Michael Callahan, chief technologist at HP StorageWorks enterprise NAS, said there was more demand for smaller configurations.

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New data archiving products focus on software-only delivery, cloud integration

BOSTON -- Emerging vendors looking to get noticed by the storage industry at last week's Business Development Networking Event (BD Event) share a focus on data archiving for long-term retention and regulatory compliance.

E-discovery archivers Tarmin Technologies Ltd. and Nayatek LLC, database archiver Clearpace Software Ltd. and healthcare archiving specialist BridgeHead Software Ltd. focus on software-only delivery, and most on grid or scale-out design. Some of these vendors also share approaches such as alternatives to SQL databases for indexing, supporting niche data types and integration with the cloud.

Venture capitalists speaking at a Monday panel last week at the BD Event said software-only delivery may become all but mandatory for storage companies looking to get funded going forward. Software-only systems can reduce capital expenditures as a startup ramps up product development. "We're not looking for people building a faster disk drive at this point," said Ash Ashutosh, a partner at venture capital (VC) firm Greylock Partners.

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TheInfoPro Storage Study finds firms save money through tiered storage, better utilization

Large enterprises are concentrating on improving storage utilization and moving data off expensive tiered storage to save money while cutting budgets, according to the latest research from New York City-based TheInfoPro (TIP) Inc. TheInfoPro Wave 12 Storage Study also shows more cooperation between storage and networking teams as storage pros are asked to take on tasks outside of the traditional storage realm.

TIP interviewed 250 IT professionals at Fortune 1000 and midsized enterprises in its Wave 12 Storage Study. Capacity planning and forecasting, storage performance monitoring and storage resource management (SRM) ranked high on TIP's Fortune 1000 Heat Index, which measures organizations' spending and implementation plans.

Robert Stevenson, managing director of storage research at TheInfoPro, said the latest survey shows higher allocation and effective utilization of data storage in large enterprises. He attributes that to more consolidation and tiered storage projects as companies seek to avoid purchasing new storage.

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Cisco sees ratified T11 standard driving adoption of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

The FC-BB-5 working group of the T11 Technical Committee recently unanimously approved a final standard for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). Now the technology's champion in the storage marketplace, Cisco Systems Inc., and some analysts expect the approved standard to drive adoption of the standard in the market.

Claudio DeSanti, a distinguished engineer at Cisco Systems and the T11 committee chairman, said there were no significant changes to the specification for the standard between establishing "technical stability" with an earlier draft last fall and the final ratification. However, there were four members of the committee who voted No on the earlier version and changed their votes to Yes on the final standard after "resolving communication" and clarifying some points about how the spec was written.

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Data security with online backup services

In the 1980s and early 1990s, IT managers, accustomed to centralized computing operations, fretted about the loss of control inherent in the proliferation of the PC and of non-sanctioned applications like Lotus 1-2-3. Nowadays, the latest consumer-driven IT phenomenon is cheap, easy online data backup. More and more individuals are migrating to services like EMC Mozy and iBackup and, in some cases, corporate data is going along for the ride. And that's causing concerns for storage management.

"It is a given that if people have access to a useful technology that they are capable of using on their own, without support, at a low cost, it will be used," said Jay Heiser, research vice president at Gartner.

Of course, for businesses, noted Heiser, the need to control data doesn't disappear just because that data has passed outside of the walls of the business and into "the cloud." When that happens, "It can present some increased risk of leakage, especially if criminals have reason to believe that a particular individual might have possession of sensitive data," he added.

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Overland Storage signs on with distributor Synnex

Overland Storage Inc. announced this week that it's signed a distribution agreement with Synnex Corp. for its entire line of storage and data protection appliances. Synnex will offer Overland's REO series, NEO series, ARCvault, Ultamus and Snap Server devices to its 15,000 reseller customers.

Digital Reef partners with Aeturnum for data management solutions

Unstructured data management platform developer Digital Reef this week announced a partnership with software developer and systems integrator Aeturnum. The deal enables Aeturnum to resell Digital Reef's e-discovery, knowledge reuse, storage reclamation and SharePoint management solutions, and develop custom applications in the vertical market space. Aeturnum will also offer deployment and integration services for the Digital Reef platform.

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