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Intel buys Wind River to build OS expertise: News in brief

In today's news in brief, Intel moves deeper into software with Wind River buy, and developers want to build cloud applications.

IT channel news in brief for June 5, 2009

Intel moves deeper into software with Wind River buy

Intel is buying Wind River Systems Inc. and its embedded software expertise for $884 million.

Wind River's software typically runs in small embedded devices in cars, industrial gear, consumer electronics and medical instruments. Chief among its offerings is VxWorks, a proprietary operating system as well as some Linux variants.

The move is closely watched because of Intel's recent push into operating systems with Moblin, another Linux variant, which it plans to push for use in netbook-class PCs. Moblin will compete directly with Windows 7 and Windows XP Starter Edition, so it puts Intel at odds with long-time partner Microsoft.

Wind River also worked with Google to develop its Android operating system.

Cloud developers need to think first, build later

Developers wanting to build applications for the cloud should think ahead about performance and security issues, according to speakers at JavaOne this week.

Ted Leung and Ashwin Rao, principal engineers at Sun Microsystems Inc., said developers need to think about what happens when an application scales and multiple images are brought online to address the increased load. While basic Web servers may be trivial to scale, more complex applications like ERP need to deal with servers being brought online or turned off. The burden of handling that complexity falls on the developers who need to control the starting and stopping of images via APIs, according to

Feds shutter rogue ISP

The Federal Trade Commission shut down Triple Fiber Network ( Thursday, alleging the site was used by cybercriminals to launch intentionally malicious activity.

The FTC charges that the ISP was used to host botnet command and control servers that run massive spam campaigns and denial of service attacks and also websites that serve up malware, child pornography and other explicit content, according to

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