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Distributed Power Management in vSphere cuts energy costs

News Roundup: vSphere's Distributed Power Management feature is expected to significantly reduce power consumption through consolidation.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of May 4-8, 2009.

vSphere reduces energy consumption with DPM

VMware's vSphere will fully support the Distributed Power Management feature when it hits the market later this year.

Distributed Power Management (DPM) is expected to significantly reduce power consumption through consolidation, according to Solutions providers can use the feature to consolidate virtual machines, run services on fewer hosts and shut down unused servers. That can reduce power consumption by 30% to 35% in a production cluster, according to VMware engineers who discussed vSphere at the New England VMware User Group meeting.

IBM's CloudBurst addresses configuration setbacks

IBM unveiled its WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance during the Impact Smart SOA Conference 2009 in Las Vegas last week.

As users deploy applications and services through cloud architecture, they have experienced unexpected issues with configuration settings, according to CloudBurst is said to address these issues with virtual images and patterns that depict the best way to deploy services. Related tools include the IBM Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere, which optimizes configuration and application deployment, and the BuildForge build tool.

XenServer 5.0 attracts attention

XenServer appears to be gradually grabbing attention in the server virtualization market, which VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V predominately lead currently.

At the Citrix Synergy 2009 conference last week, IT pros said they see a growing interest in XenServer 5.0, according to

XenServer is roughly one-fourth the cost of VMware ESX because of its cheaper licensing costs and the large number of freebies that are built into the product, said Andrew Mercantini Sr., the director of IT services at Ravago Shared Services LLC, an Orlando, Fla.-based plastics manufacturer.

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