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Microsoft TechEd 2009 technology overview

Learn about the various technologies that will be covered at Microsoft TechEd 2009, including Windows 7, Windows Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and more.

Thousands of IT pros and developers will converge in Los Angeles next week for Microsoft TechEd 2009, There, they will get a chance to learn how to implement and support Microsoft's ever-expanding list of technologies. Hot-button subjects include Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, the upcoming client-and-server operating systems tandem; Visual Studio 2010 and the work-in-progress that is the company's Azure service platform. Here is a roundup of the technologies that will be highlighted at the big event.

Windows client

Microsoft to highlight Windows 7 and more at TechEd 2009 conference
The IT crowd at next week's Microsoft TechEd 2009 conference will be smaller than in the past, but those who are making the trip have big questions.

Microsoft pushes XP customers to Vista, not Windows 7
Microsoft's Windows team told corporate customers they should get off Windows XP and onto Vista if they want to avoid future setbacks.

Windows 7 beta hits; customers, VARs weigh migration
Larger businesses, many of which still run Windows XP, are not likely to move to Vista and then to Windows 7.

New features in Windows 7 bring new UI considerations for developers
Many Windows 7 perks were announced at Microsoft PDC, but the revamped taskbar might be the attention stealer.

Podcast: Windows 7, Azure debut at PDC 2008
Windows Azure may be late to the market but has a leg up on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and the Google App Engine, at least according to one Microsoft partner.

Windows 7 not likely to cause driver problems like Vista
Microsoft execs hope that releasing Windows 7 code earlier will help to eliminate driver compatibility problems.

Windows 7 beta changes on deck
The engineering team explains the changes that Microsoft will make to its Win 7 Release Candidate beta.

Windows Server and Hyper-V

Hyper-V vs. VMware: Which is cheaper?
Hidden costs of Hyper-V may make VMware the more cost-effective option, users and analysts said.

Microsoft Hyper-V raises questions about Microsoft-Citrix partnership
With the release of Hyper-V, channel partners wonder how Microsoft and Citrix will coexist in server virtualization.

Hyper-V live migration boosts Microsoft's server virtualization play
Solution providers and users wonder if adding live migration to Hyper-V will be enough to pull Microsoft even with VMware.

What Hyper-V brings to Windows Server
Learn about three key benefits of Microsoft Hyper-V and find out how to solve server sprawl.

Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware ESX cheat sheet
Compare prices, product features and reviews for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX.

Visual Studio 2010

Preview: Visual Studio 2010 features
Microsoft's upcoming Visual Studio toolset has been re-architected to offer improved support for building concurrent, multi-threaded applications.

Microsoft PDC gives a taste of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft previewed a pre-beta build of Windows 7 and gave developers a glimpse of what the future holds for .NET, WPF, Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight development.

Microsoft cuts Visual Studio 2008 upgrade prices as VS 2010 looms
Since the beginning of 2009, Microsoft has offered fire sale prices on various Visual Studio components.

Cloud computing

With Azure, Microsoft clarifies cloud-based computing plans
Windows developers can use Azure to hone their existing coding skills and develop applications for consumers and businesses alike.

As Azure crashes, cloud DR is top of mind
IT managers learn that a disaster recovery plan is essential for not just their data centers, but also for their cloud services.

Microsoft Azure moves Windows to compute cloud
Microsoft outlines a version of Windows for distributed cloud computing.

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