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Canonical releases Ubuntu; Obama on cybersecurity

Headlines: Canonical updates Ubuntu Desktop and Server editions; Obama's cybersecurity advisor calls for cooperation; other IT channel news.

IT channel news in brief for April 23, 2009

Canonical updates Ubuntu Desktop, Server editions

Canonical released Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition on Monday.

Ubuntu 9.04 Server will preview Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and will be fully available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud by April 30, according to the Enterprise Linux Log.

The new desktop Edition reduces start-up time from 45 seconds to 25 seconds, Canonical said. It also features 3.0. and will be available for download today.

Obama's cybersecurity advisor calls for cooperation

Melissa Hathaway, acting senior director for cyberspace for the National Security and Homeland Security Councils, took center stage at the 2009 RSA Conference on Wednesday to review the country's cybersecurity policies and structures.

In her 30-minute speech Hathaway said the public and private sectors must collaborate to secure cyberspace -- and in turn the economy, civil infrastructure, public safety and national security, according to

Hathaway is thought to be a candidate to become the national cyber advisor, a White House-level position that would oversee U.S. cybersecurity.

Recession or no, SAP users flock to BPM tools

Business process management (BPM) is all the rage for SAP customers as enterprise architects look for new and more cost-effective ways of meeting business needs in the recession, analysts said.

Companies are buying BPM tools to make key processes more effective, increase productivity and respond faster to customers, according to

"There's a lot of talk out there about BI," said Kathleen Donahue, director of business process excellence at Wyeth, an SAP customer that uses IDS Scheer's ARIS platform for BPM. "But unless you understand the process … you measure poor result after poor result. It's understanding the process and using the tools to improve the process that's going to improve measurement at the end."

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