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Oracle jumps on Google apps bandwagon; SAP shops start to virtualize

Headlines: Deal forges Oracle-Google apps ties; SAP virtualization starting to catch on; other IT channel news.

IT channel news in brief for April 13, 2009

Deal forges Oracle-Google apps ties

Oracle and Google lent each other a helping hand against Microsoft with a collaboration to ease data flow between their respective applications.
Last week, Oracle Corp. unveiled a beta version of its Oracle Gadget Wizard for Google Apps and support for Google's Secure Data Connector that goes along with new Siebel CRM support for Google Apps.

This means Oracle now has an answer to competitive offerings from and may be able to convince some corporate users to go with Siebel CRM products instead, according to and many applications providers other than Microsoft have indeed boasted of their ability to work with Google apps.

SAP virtualization starting to catch on

When FutureFuel Corp. installed SAP ERP software two years ago, it decided to try something relatively new when it came to running enterprise applications -- SAP virtualization.

It may be part of a growing trend. Analysts say that most SAP customers do not run mission-critical SAP applications in virtual environments, but nearly 40% of more than 1,000 SAP customers surveyed by VMware are trying it in some form. Most of this is happening in non-production environments, such as testing and development, according to

HP appeals patent dispute verdict with Cornell University

Hewlett-Packard Co. has filed an appeal for its patent dispute with Cornell University and the Cornell Research Foundation last Friday.

The patent dispute began over claims that HP's PA-8000 microprocessors, and servers and workstations that include those processors, infringed a patent that tells how to execute microprocessor instructions.

On March 30, The U.S. District Court reduced the amount that HP was ordered to give Cornell from $184 million to approximately $53 million.

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