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Cisco to acquire Tidal Software

News Roundup: Cisco looks to Tidal Software to enhance their data center strategy; Sun goes through dark times; other systems channel news.

Systems Channel News Roundup for the week of April 6-10, 2009.

Cisco to acquire Tidal Software

Cisco execs hope that buying Tidal Software Inc. will bring application management and automation solutions to their data center strategy.

Tidal Software would become part of Cisco Advanced Services if the $105 million deal goes through. The acquisition is expected to be completed in Cisco's fourth fiscal quarter of 2009.

Sun goes through dark times

Sun Microsystems had a rough week recuperating from the collapse of its buyout deal with IBM.

Sun's prominent chip designer, Marc Tremblay, left the company, and its stocks lost 4.3%, closing at $6.28. CEO Jonathan Schwartz, who had pushed for the IBM deal, is reportedly taking the heat for the collapse.

Company chairman and co-founder Scott McNealy is rumored to have led a board faction that fought the deal with IBM and is now getting credit for his insight.

HP adds to automation software

Hewlett-Packard has updated its Business Service Automation software suite with newer versions of HP Storage Essentials and HP Operations Orchestration. HP execs hope that the added enhancements will help customers reduce operational costs in their data centers.

The company has also launched HP BSA Essentials, an online community and subscription services offering to help customers with their HP BSA software investments.

Apple puts Nehalem into Xserve

Apple announced an updated Xserve system that uses Intel Nehalem Xeon processors and has an 89% improvement in performance per watt.

The Nehalem processors run at 2.93 GHz and have an integrated memory controller with three channels of 1,066 MHz DDR3 ECC memory. Apple said the new Xserve complies with its environmental standards and delivers a 19% reduction in idle power usage.

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