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Skype takes iPhone plunge; rethinking production-level virtualization

Headlines: Skype does iPhone; some data centers buck virtualization trend; other IT channel news.

IT channel headlines for March 30, 2009

Skype does iPhone

VoIP pioneer Skype Ltd. will officially launch its own iPhone software on Tuesday, according to several reports. Users will be able to make free calls on Wi-Fi to other Skype users. Calls to landline numbers will have reduced fees. Skype, now part of eBay, said the software will be out in May for BlackBerry. Versions for Nokia, Windows Mobile and Google Android phones are already available. This push puts Skype in competition with large telephone carriers such as AT&T.

Some data centers buck virtualization trend

While many IT pros use virtualization to avert server sprawl and contain power costs, others resist because of performance overhead. London-based Ltd., a fast-growing social networking and music-sharing website, uses open source OpenVZ virtualization in testing and development but has nixed production-level virtualization. Instead, has over 200 machines booting off a pair of servers hosting three custom Linux images, according to

Bad economy good for malware

McAfee's Dave Marcus talks to about the threat landscape, spam's resurgence since the demise of McColo last November and an anticipated increase in malware resulting from the global recession. Also in this videocast, Marcus gives his take on the BBC botnet story and the flaw disclosure debate.

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