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Overland revamps NEO tape libraries

Overland Storage's updated tape libraries, the NEO 2000E and 4000E, are cheaper than their predecessors and easier to use.

Overland Storage has updated its NEO line of midrange tape automation products with two new models called the E-Series that cost less and are easier to connect to backup servers than their predecessors.

The NEO 2000E and 4000E are based on the same chassis as the previous NEO 2000 and 4000. The NEO 2000E still contains 30 slots in 5U, and the NEO 4000E contains 60 slots in 10U. The individual modular chassis can be stacked up as capacity scales, with support for up to eight NEO 2000s and up to four NEO 4000s in a 40U rack. The company said the E-Series products will cost $5,000 to $10,000 less than the previous versions, thanks to a new controller.

Overland VAR partner Dan Peichel, vice president of sales with Peripheral Products Inc. in Plano, Texas, said his energy customers in the oil fields are still looking for tape capacity. He said SAS connectivity and the ability to remove more cartridges at the same time "are something people are demanding. SAS support especially -- we haven't really had a story around that."

Peichel added that he'd also like to see Overland innovate in the disk space. The REO Compass multisite deduplication product announced last year was intriguing, he said, but hasn't shipped yet and to date only has integration with Backup Exec, which would appeal to just a handful of his customers. "I'd like to see them do something around disk and tape integration through one interface," he said.

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