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IT Channel News Briefs, Jan. 29

Today's headlines: Spat causes TechCrunch leader to take a break; Is there such a thing as a secure White House PDA?

Tech blogger Arrington steps back, citing death threat and abuse

TechCrunch blogger-in-chief Michael Arrington is stepping back from his blog, citing a death threat and physical abuse, according to a blog post. Arrington wrote that he is used to constant pressure from companies to hear their pitches, but when he was spat on this week in Munich, he decided enough is enough. He also said a death threat was lodged against him and his family last summer. Arrington will blog through the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and then put away his keyboard for awhile.

Can there be true White House mobile device security?

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Obama finds it's not easy being tech-savvy

Channel Chat: George W. Bush's former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin explores White House mobile device security issues, including whether the so-called "ObamaBerry" can really be secure as the nation's first PDA in chief. has the story.

Symantec's Thompson up for commerce secretary

Word on the street is that John Thompson, Symantec's outgoing CEO, may be the country's next secretary of commerce, according to President Barack Obama had proposed New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for the post, but Richardson withdrew when he became one of several state officials under investigation for ties to a California company doing business with the state.

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