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CA data modeling suite offers data profiling

CA pleases VARs by updating its Erwin Data Modeling suite to include Exeros' data profiling software.

Last week, CA added data profiling to its ERwin Data Modeling Suite.

ERwin Data Modeling Suite 7.3 now includes support for Teradata's data warehouses and for Crystal Reports -- two moves lauded by reseller partners.

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Being able to pump data into the popular Crystal reporting tool is a big bonus, as is the ability to share data with third-party business intelligence tools from Oracle, Cognos and SAP, said Shubi Kamerkar, senior software engineer at Wayside Technology Group, a Shrewsbury, N.J., value-added reseller (VAR). The product also lets users access, publish and share information in the common ODBC format used by many popular products.

The addition of data profiling -- actually from Exeros -- is also important.

"Data profiling allows the modeler to validate that existing data models properly represent the data content," said Antonio Amorin, president of Data Innovations Inc., a Northbrook, Ill., VAR specializing in data modeling. "[That, in turn,] increases the overall accuracy of the ERwin data models."

Data profiling is critical, especially in the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions, when companies have to deal with different data repositories. Profiling compares all of the data sets. Once that happens, the company can remediate inconsistencies in formats across the repositories. All of that needs to happen before the data is usable in large data marts or data warehouses.

The CA suite competes with the Embarcadero Technologies ER/Studio and Sybase PowerDesigner.

The suite -- which contains both the Data Modeler and Data Profiler -- lists for just under $8,000 per seat. Separately, each product retails for $3,995.

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