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Security partner news briefs chooses top three security certifications; Agiliance and McAfee partner for better GRC services; Portcullis offers HP security products to Microsoft customers.

Catch up on all the security partner news you may have missed in February. chooses top three security certifications: Do you have these certifications? Find out which three certifications topped the list.

SonicWall announces partnership with Western NRG: SonicWall has announced a partnership with Western NRG, a heavy duty industry and credit union organizations MSP.

Agiliance and McAfee partner for better governance, risk and compliance services: Agiliance has partnered with McAfee to improve its GRC services.

Portcullis Systems adds HP security products to Microsoft customers: Portcullis Systems Inc. announced that they are offering new HP-based security products to its Microsoft IAG and ISA customers.

SenSage tapped to participate in McAfee's Sales Teaming Program: McAfee Inc. has invited SenSage Inc. to participate in its Sales Teaming Program.

Agilex partners with HBGary to offer security forensic, assessment services: Agilex Technologies Inc. is partnering with HBGary in an attempt to bolster its security forensic and assessment services.

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