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IT Channel News Briefs, Sept. 29

Today's headlines: Visual Studio 2010 highlights application lifecycle management, and the first U.S. WiMax network debuts.

Information technology (IT) channel news in brief for Monday, Sept. 29, 2008.

Next Microsoft toolset to bolster ALM

The next release of Microsoft's major toolset, Visual Studio 2010, and its .Net Framework 4.0 underpinnings promises to bring application lifecycle management (ALM) to people beyond the developer community. Also promised: a new Architecture Explorer to help users find and identify code they already have and to design and share many diagram types.

In addition, users will also be able to "record" their testing sessions and related data about their machine to facilitate troubleshooting. The new product, which up till now has gone by the code name Rosario, is slated to ship by June 2010.

First WiMax network goes live today

Sprint Nextel will flip the switch on the United States' first WiMax network today, The Wall Street Journal reported. All eyes will be on Baltimore, the location of the new WiMax network, to see just how consumers react. Intel and its allies have spent six years developing WiMax, which will give users wireless Internet access at home and will allow them to use special modems to stay connected around town. Sprint is expected to charge mobile users an introductory rate of $30 a month -- about half the rate of comparable cellular data services -- and offer a home-usage plan for $25.

WiMax modems, which typically plug into USB slots in a laptop, will start at about $60. But WiMax faces a series of challenges. For example, a Baltimore resident who purchases a WiMax modem can't use it outside the city until these networks spread nationwide. So until that time, hardware manufacturers will have a small buying market. Sprint-owned Clearwire will soon begin offering the services nationwide. Still, WiMax faces other competition: a rival next-generation technology called long-term evolution (LTE), which rivals like AT&T have invested in and will roll out in the next three years.

Juniper app accelerator validated on Oracle

Juniper Networks' WXC 590 application accelerator has been tested and validated to work with Oracle's E-Business Suite 12.0, the companies announced Monday. Juniper's WXC is shown to reduce the effects of WAN latency, network congestion and packet loss on related Oracle applications, the companies said.

That means when the WXC platform is inserted in-line between the client and Oracle E-Business Suite, the applications maintain optimal functionality. Validation testing was done through the Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Partners Initiative, which is used to test interoperability between Oracle applications and the hardware or software from a web of technology partners.

SQL Server 2008 site launches

Microsoft today launched the SQL Server Experience, a website where customers and partners can learn about the new SQL Server 2008. The site offers more than 500 videos, featuring interviews with SQL Server engineers, product demos and case studies. Visitors to the site can also receive discounts on SQL Server 2008 training courses and materials.

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