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End user survey shows what clients want from VARs and vendors

Over 600 of our readers reveal how they evaluate and select a VAR, what expertise they expect to receive and details on their spending and engagement intentions. Learn how to improve your position in the market and expand your client base.

Have you ever wanted to know what potential clients were thinking, or what they are really looking for from you? Well, we asked them. We recently surveyed 600 TechTarget readers -- your potential IT clients -- about how they use value-added resellers (VARs) and vendors. We learned more about what clients expect from you in terms of technical know-how and expertise, we found out what's important to clients when they evaluate and select a VAR, and we discovered details about your potential client's spending and engagement intentions. The following end user survey summarizes our results and offers a series of practical suggestions that you can use to improve your visibility, win new business, and make an impression that will keep clients coming back time after time.

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End user survey shows what clients want from VARs and vendors
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