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Partner News Podcast: Cisco Partner Summit, EMC online backup service

Contributor Heather Clancy checks in from the Cisco Partner Summit, plus we discuss Cisco's data center consolidation plans and EMC partners getting into online backup.

From the Cisco Partner Summit in Hawaii, contributor Heather Clancy checks in to tell us about new incentives and channel opportunities. There's also news about Cisco's data center consolidation plans, which utilize a new 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, and online backup service opportunities for EMC partners.

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  • Cisco attacks data center market with FCoE switch
    Cisco is touting a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch that will enable Fibre Channel over Ethernet, aiming at data center consolidation and virtualization.

  • The low-down from Honolulu: Cisco's collaboration bent
    Contributor Heather Clancy blogs from the Cisco Partner Summit about partner-to-partner collaboration, more focus on data centers and a possible shift toward more software sales.

  • EMC wants partners to target SMBs with online backup services
    eFileCabinet's Concentsus Online Backup is the first of several similar services due from EMC partners.
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