How security market acquisitions affect solution providers and team up to discuss the channel's role in security market consolidation.

As mergers and acquisitions cause more and more security market consolidation, solution providers that sell vendors' products and services must adjust. Colin Steele, news writer, is this week's guest on's Security Wire Weekly. He speaks with Bill Brenner, senior news writer, about the effects of security market consolidation on channel partners.

Listen: Security Wire Weekly: Security market consolidation


Security market consolidation resources

  • Integrated security demand drives security market consolidation
    Security market consolidation can create new opportunities for solution providers to sell integrated security suites, but it can also cause problems for the channel.

  • What to do when a strategic manufacturer is acquired
    Mike Rothman discusses the importance of developing a defined process to deal with the inevitability that a key supplier will be bought and offers advice on how best to weather the storm.

  • Security acquisitions and product integration still leave channel opportunities
    Security acquisitions are becoming more common, but vendors and experts say the channel still has integration opportunities.

  • Symantec acquisition of Vontu could continue integrated security trend
    Symantec's acquisition of Vontu gives Symantec and partners new data leak prevention solutions to sell.

  • Despite GreenBorder acquisition, Google security plan remains unclear
    Google bought GreenBorder for its "sandbox" browser function, but that doesn't mean it will compete with Symantec and McAfee.
  • Dig Deeper on Technology Vendors-OEMs

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