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A look back at HP's PC fiasco

A comprehensive timeline following the route of HP as it dumped webOS, talked of spinning off its PC business, and fired Apotheker and hired Whitman. Get analysis and reaction to the events here.

Since the time rumors spread that Hewlett-Packard was going to end-of-life the TouchPad and HP’s aspirations to spin off its PC business went public, there was a bevy of analysis and public outcry. Check out the timeline of HP’s decision making, what’s next for HP and how partners perceived former HP CEO Leo Apotheker’s choices and new CEO Meg Whitman.

HP partners hold the line ahead of PC strategy decision
IT solution providers were critical of HP's decision to publicize that the fate of its Personal Systems Group, which was decided at the end of October.

What do HP partners think of Meg Whitman?
Some partners were concerned with HP placing Meg Whitman in the CEO spot, while others think she’s a good fit at HP despite the company’s series of questionable personnel decisions.

HP management’s latest mistakes have ship foundering
After a slew of poor decisions over the past decade, HP and new CEO Meg Whitman need to simplify the message to shareholders, customers and employees alike.

Five things Meg Whitman can do to make HP more competitive in IT
Few envy the task facing HP CEO Meg Whitman in refocusing the company’s $130 billion business. But here is a handful of suggestions that could bolster IT’s confidence.

Two companies down: What's next for HP's Apotheker?
After being relieved of his duties at SAP, Apotheker has now been replaced by Meg Whitman as HP CEO. This news has experts wondering what both HP's and Apotheker's plans are.

HP overhaul continues with webOS layoffs
Once HP confirmed that it will lay off more than 500 webOS employees, experts wondered what it will mean to the future of its personal systems group. HP also remained busy on the personnel front by promoting Mike Parrottino to head U.S. PSG channel sales. 

Deconstructing HP
The Uncharted Waters blogger took an inside look why HP thinking that it couldn’t win the tablet war played a big part in its decision to pull the plug on the TouchPad and publicize its desire to spin off its PC business. 

What’s next for HP: Five things to watch for
What are some moves that would make sense for HP after its flurry of moves since August? Here are some items to keep an eye on for those following the HP saga, including whether the TouchPad is really dead. 

HP decision to dump webOS still makes no sense 
Even with time to reflect on its decision, HP killing the TouchPad and dumping webOS still confounds this ITKE blogger, who thinks HP has burned a great deal of credibility.

HP PCs are dead, long live HP PCs!
HP left everyone confused with its messages that 1) PCs are a top priority, and 2) It wants to spin off its PC business. Because of these mixed signals, experts wonder what a potential spin off would mean to large HP VARs whose business includes desktops. 

HP to make good on TouchPad refunds
HP is still picking up the pieces after killing off the TouchPad while trying to keep partners and customers happy. VARs that heeded HP’s advice to “go all in” and order TouchPads were reimbursed the full price paid for the now-lifeless tablets rather than the bargain-basement $99 price tag. 

TouchPad banners still hanging at HP headquarters
Talk about irony. Even after announcing the end of life of TouchPads, the tablet’s large banners were still draped over HP headquarters that week. 

HP reverbs continue to roil partners, Wall Street
HP’s Stephen DiFranco said in an email that HP is committed to the health and growth of its PC business right after news broke that HP wants to sell or spin off its PC division. Needless to say, this didn’t exactly quell the fears spreading in the channel. 

HP partners blast tablet, PC decision, Autonomy buy
When Leo Apotheker made a change, it’s usually a doozy. In late August, Apotheker was forced to disclose (on the HP earnings call) that HP was looking at “alternatives” for its $40-billion-a-year PC business. The news shocked not only the public but enraged many partners. HP lost more than $12 billion in market cap the day after the call. 

HP to dump webOS TouchPads, phones
After telling anyone who would listen at the HP Americas Partner Conference in March that webOS was the wave of the future and a major acquisition, HP stopped operations for the webOS TouchPad and phones. This decision left partners confused and wondering what Apotheker’s next move would be and whether to listen to his advice. 

Will an HP webOS license deal matter?
Even before the HP TouchPad came out in July, experts had concerns about the long-term viability of webOS in terms of licensing and its ability to compete with Apple and the iPad.

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