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Data Security Services Guide: Technology overview

The Data Security Services Guide offers resellers advice to secure stored data in clients' shops and tips to become data security specialists and trusted storage advisers.

By helping clients identify and fix their security deficiencies, channel storage resellers can be the educational resource and pseudo data protector they need. You can provide data security services, while also developing recurring revenue streams.

Good storage security starts with the right storage network and the basic components contained within it. What is best for the client? A storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS)? There will be differences in security features that will have to be considered by both youand the company being supported. Once those features are determined, VARs are expected to stay up to date on the latest threats and determine ways to counteract them.

Part of the role of a trusted advisor is bringing suggestions to the table that a client might not have foreseen. One avenue of attack may be secure, but what about the media used to store data? Are tapes or disks encrypted, or is the biggest risk transporting that media to an offsite storage facility? aims to answers those questions with the best technical advice available -- both from experts in the field and also from other channel professionals who work on these projects everyday. Better familiarize yourself with everything from storage security basics to Nicole Lewis's look at the trends in online security failures. After that, take a look at Greg Schulz's tip on securing data-in-transit and learn how to ensure that your customer's data is safe even after is leaves the shop.

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