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Researchers show odd ways to attack Vista, odd way to publicize risk in Word

Voice control poses risk to Vista users, if they're really, really incautious; Symantec takes to YouTube to publicize zero-day flaw.

Windows Vista has only been shipping a couple of days, but there's already a bizarre security flaw making the rounds.

Members of the Dailydave mailing list discussing the voice-command capability in Vista wondered if it could be tricked into running arbitrary code so that an audio file posted on a Web site would actually issue audio commands to a user's machine.

It seems like it would work, under the right, not entirely likely conditions. A user would have to have voice command activated -- and allow an attacker's audio file to play unencumbered -- giving commands to the machine on which the victim was currently working.

Members of the discussion didn't believe the technique could bypass Vista's Account Control.

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Window on a bad Word

Security researchers aren't always as careful as you'd expect them to be.

On Wednesday, Symantec Corp. posted a video on showing videos of their researchers exploiting new zero-day vulnerabilities .

The video shows researchers running a hostile executable on a target machine. Evidence that it works is the flicker of a Microsoft Word screen as a user launches it. The code executes, closes Word, then restarts it.

The researchers called the stunt a novel way to get the word out about a vulnerability.

The original version of this story appeared on sister site

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