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How to unify a network when the company keeps expanding and the gear doesn't work.

Errors in a recent story about a large-scale PBX-to-IPTelephony migration at Navigant Consulting, Inc. led to several misattributed quotes and one erroneous description of a new piece of networking infrastructure.

  • In How to unify a network when the company keeps expanding, which was posted Jan. 19, it was Joe Kennedy, of Navigant's network operations and service desk who said: "When [we're] asked what PBXes did we have, our CIO likes to say 'all of them.'"

  • It was Mike Dongvillo, Navigant's network architect who said about the installation and replacement of a WAN backbone: "It has worked -- knock on wood—solid as a rock, for the most part. But [the experience] was a forest fire."

  • Dongvillo asked to clarify that the network infrastructure piece supplied by Sprint was an IP-based virtual private network, which went into place without enough testing to reveal that it couldn't deliver the quality of service required for the VoIP network.

    Sprint acknowledge the error and replaced it at no charge with its higher-performing MultiProtocol Label Switching VPN service. The switch delayed the project several months.

  • A cost analysis was done on the project, but the estimates were "about 20% inaccurate," Dongvillo said, because of the variability and unknown configurations of networks in remote or newly acquired business units.

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