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Linux expected to make strides in mission-critical applications

Linux will make serious strides in mission-critical applications over the next five years, according to a recent survey, bumping players like Unix and NetWare to the side.

Linux will continue to make strides in mission-critical IT functions, according to a survey of 133 IT pros.

Roughly one-fifth of those polled said they have already deployed Linux in mission-critical operations or have definite plans to do so.

The survey was conducted by Saugatuck Technology Inc., a Westport, Conn.-based IT consulting firm. It simply asked whether and how respondents were planning on using Linux.

One factor in Linux's strong projected growth is that open-source applications that run on it are finally coming into their own, according to Saugatuck founder Bill McNee, who wrote the report. He said Linux and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows OS will dominate servers in mission-critical spaces, with other OSs like Unix and NetWare losing ground.

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