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NAC implementations drop as adopters hit snags

End-user companies love the idea of network access control systems, but technological and process snags are stopping deployments in their tracks.

Deployments of network access control (NAC) systems have stalled at many companies, as early adopters slow deployments to wait for the technology to mature, according to a follow-up to a study done in the spring of last year.

The study, conducted by TheInfoPro, showed that at least a third of companies interviewed had already launched NAC projects, and another 42% were likely to do so during the following 12 months.

Follow-ups at the Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies conducted late last year revealed, however, that only 37% intended to roll out new NAC systems -- a 19% drop in the potential size of the market. Another 37% said they were unlikely to implement a project within a year.

Managers who had already launched NAC projects said the risk from easily portable computing devices that could be carried into even the most protected areas of a network was a major concern, and that a lack of interoperability among products was a deterrent.

Those who had delayed projects cited, among other reasons, long wait times for the development of specific features or interoperability, and a concern that the projects would cause a drop in productivity.

Interest in NAC remains strong, according to the study, which indicated even those unlikely to launch a project would keep an eye on the development of the technology to see if its evolution would assuage their concerns.

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