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EVault announces improved online portal for VAR partners

EVault has announced an improved online portal for VAR partners with intentions to double its total number of channel partners by the end of 2007.

In an effort to provide channel partners with critical information that can help them quickly close deals, EVault, Inc. today announced the rollout of an improved online portal where VAR partners can order products online, receive up-to-date product, pricing and marketing information, and register customers for company services.

EVault, a provider of online backup and recovery solutions, said the portal will enable its 100 partners to increase their capabilities on the sales side. The new portal coincides with the company's plans to double the number of channel partners by the end of 2007, a strategy that will help EVault increase sales. In 2006 the company's channel program contributed 47% to its total revenues.

To prepare for an expansion of channel partner growth, the company's improved portal has eliminated manual processes, such as setting up an account or processing orders. In addition, the new system has improved the time it takes to process business transactions.

"Once customers place an order they'll get a response within minutes; in the past it would take 24 hours or even a few days," said EVault's William da Cunha, VP of Alliances. "You want to get customers when they are at that buying point where they've just signed the deal and you don't want them to wait two or three days," said da Cunha.

According to da Cunha, any delays can have serious repercussions to channel partners as well as EVault.

"We can't bill a customer on a service deal until it's installed, ready and accepted. If we don't meet some of these timelines the billing may not go out for a month or two and that's lost revenue both to the partner and EVault," da Cunha said.

UbiStor, Inc., a managed service provider and EVault partner that has used the service, said the new system will better enable his company to conduct business both with EVault and with UbiStor's customers.

"One of the key things for me was that we had a very manual process in the past for registering potential clients. Instead of trying to manage the status of a particular deal with a customer manually, and filling out a form, scanning it and faxing it over to EVault to make sure that they've gotten a signed copy of a lead registration, everything is done online now," said Dan Hill, UbiStor's CEO.

Hill also said the online portal gives EVault's partners a chance to fill in customer information, describe the customers' environment, and indicate what they are interested in purchasing and when the deal is expected to close.

"The improvements help me to provide specific information to the EVault representative to support me in the sale of the product. This has streamlined the process between the two organizations tremendously," Hill said.

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