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Some IT managers probe whether open-source can replace Cisco routers

Some IT managers are tinkering with open-source routing software as a way to replace expensive, attack-prone Cisco routers in some situations.

Some IT managers, tired of the cost and complexity of routers from Cisco Systems Inc., are considering replacing them with machines running open source routing software.

The issue came up after a number of network managers read the accounts of Sam Newnam and Lance Knox, two consultants who replaced Cisco routers with software from Vyatta Inc., a company that sells routing appliances and open-source Open Flexible Router (OFR) code.

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Among other reasons, including cost, is the greater level of security OFR provides, because its code is both widely scrutinized and much less common than Cisco's.

Even those most interested in replacing some Cisco hardware with OFR-based routers aren't ready to get rid of all their Cisco hardware.

But some, especially those who like to tinker, re-use old hardware or revamp their border networking on the cheap, are still exploring the idea.

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