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Microsoft defends itself against accusations on Vista, Internet Explorer

Microsoft is still defending Vista security amid charges from McAfee and Symantec, blaming "IE 7 flaw" in Outlook Express instead.

Microsoft was forced to defend itself Friday against charges that it had gone back on its promise to make Windows Vista compatible with third-party security products and that its newly released Internet Explorer (IE) 7 is flawed.

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A Gartner analyst charged that Microsoft's promise to create new application programming interfaces (APIs) for security vendors such as Symantec Corp., McAfee Inc. wasn't sufficient and that it will be years before Vista is free of such incompatibilities.

Microsoft has promised to deliver the APIs around the same time it ships the first major set of bug fixes and minor updates for Vista.

Ben Fathi, corporate VP of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit said the company had done everything it could to answer questions from McAfee, whose complaints about Vista security have been the loudest.

Microsoft shipped documentation and sample code to McAfee and met with McAfee engineers several times to answer remaining questions.

Separately, a Danish security company warned that there is an error in how redirects for URLs with the "mhtml." URI handler are managed in IE. Microsoft denied the charge, saying the flaw was a known issue in Outlook Express, not IE itself.

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