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New source for outsourcing business: The night shift

By outourcing the parts of an IT operation that are inconvenient, Freddie Mac and other companies offer MSPs another potential source of business.

Freddie Mac, the monstrously large federal home-loan mortgage company is just one of a series of large companies that have decided to keep management of their data centers in house except for the part that's hardest to staff and most damaging to morale -- the graveyard shift.

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Market analyst IDC predicts that domestic IT outsourcing is growing at about 4% per year – currently generating about $33.8 billion in revenue for U.S.-based service companies.

Having outsourcer Lee Technologies take over the night and weekend shifts made sense for Freddie Mac because it was difficult to find people willing to work the night shift on a long-term basis, according to Tim Prime, the company's facilities director.

He filled in the gaps by having day-shift staffers put in overtime shifts at night and over the weekend, but that eroded morale quickly.

Most end-user companies seem content to outsource or collocate IT operations on a site-by-site or departmental basis, rather than making one major decision on outsourcing vs. insourcing.

But for a channel company looking for new ways to pitch services, covering a customer's off-hours may be a useful approach.

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