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Small CRM vendors outpace SAP, Oracle in verticals

SAP and Oracle are battling for supremacy in CRM, but in the verticals, vendors with special knowledge beat them easily.

As SAP AG and Oracle Corp. continue their battle for supremacy in the customer resource management (CRM) market, customers want more specific answers than either vendor is giving.

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A Gartner, Inc. study indicates that customers are primarily interested in integration, and vertical-industry expertise is becoming more important.

Most specifically, SAP and Oracle compete much less often with each other than they do with smaller software developers that focus within specific industries and whose deep knowledge of those industries gives them an advantage out of proportion to their size, the report concluded.

Of 258 projects conducted by 30 large CRM consultants, systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) only 11 involved a direct competition for the business between SAP and Oracle.

The rest of the engagements involved competitions between one or more major vendors and a series of industry-specific applications.

That leaves SAP and Oracle battling for market dominance vertical by vertical, a contest some analysts expect will result in victory for neither. Currently Oracle's Siebel CRM applications are the most commonly used, with 47% of respondents; 12% of the projects used SAP.

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