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Server virtualization technology overview: introduction

This server virtualization technolgy guide offers tips, tutorials and guides to answer whether or not server virtualization will be a reality for your customers.

Introduction to the Virtualization Project Guide by Chris Wolf, author Server Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise.

A few years ago, you could not go anywhere without hearing someone talk about low-carb diets. Today that ongoing topic of conversation seems to have been replaced by server virtualization.

Nearly every major hardware and software product vendor has launched its own server virtualization initiative, including Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco and Brocade, which have all placed substantial investments in virtualization. Vendors that do not natively manufacture virtualization product suites are scrambling to state how their products are able to integrate with virtualization technologies.

For the value-added reseller (VAR) or systems integrator, virtualization means much more than simply not having to talk about carbs. If you're like most, you see virtualization as a technology that promises to manage overhead and ultimately increase revenue. But with countless virtualization products out there, how do you determine which offering is best for a particular business need? That is the question answered in this Project Guide.

In short, virtualization is defined as the act of abstracting the physical boundaries of a technology. IT management has historically involved physical hardware knowledge combined with a system, software or backup job. Virtualization can simplify management by removing those dependencies.

This guide starts with an overview of virtualization, offering insight into the key virtualization buzz words and technologies. It then delves in to the major players in the virtualization arena, providing a breakdown of each major product, as well as detailed comparisons between competing products.

With information about the existing products at hand, you can then delve into the key elements of server and storage virtualization planning and deployment. These sections offer step-by-step planning and deployment guidance, as well as planning and deployment tips and best practices.

The guide concludes with a comprehensive look at channel virtualization opportunities. Moving beyond the core technologies, products and planning issues, this section provides insight into some of the more complex challenges affecting virtualization technology resellers. In addressing the major integration, licensing and management issues common to virtualization projects across the enterprise, this section will help you assemble the many pieces that make up the virtualization puzzle.

Considering the number of virtualization solutions is fast approaching the number of dietary supplements out there, selecting, planning, and packaging virtualization technologies to meet specific business needs is no easy task. Through comprehensive analysis of virtualization technologies, step-by-step guidance and best practices, this Virtualization Project Guide will have you well prepared to design and sell integrated virtualization solutions that answer specific business and IT problems.

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