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Windows 7 system monitoring: Viewing Performance Monitor data

Knowing how to interpret data from the Performance Monitor, including information from log files and counters, is just part of Windows 7 system monitoring.

Windows 7 system monitoring: Viewing Performance Monitor data

Performance Monitor presents performance data in real time or through the collection of data inside log files that can be reviewed as needed. This tool collects performance data based on counters, which are measurements of system activity or the current system state. The Windows 7 system has hundreds of counters related to the CPU (processor), disks, memory and network adapters that solutions providers can view graphically in the Performance Monitor window.

To open Performance Monitor, type monitor in the search box on the Start menu and then select Performance Monitor from the results list. In the window that appears, click on Performance Monitor in the left pane. It will then display a graph showing any selected counters and counter information and statistics below the graph.

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