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Windows 7 system monitoring: Resource Monitor graphs and text

The Resource Monitor's graphs and text can help you figure out which programs are eating up the most resources and aid you in other Windows 7 system monitoring tasks.

Windows 7 system monitoring: Resource Monitor graphs and text

Solutions providers can use Resource Monitor to see which programs and/or services are consuming Windows 7 system resources. It is also a good troubleshooting tool if any programs hang. In short, Resource Monitor builds on Task Manager by adding more detailed information and graphs in one easy-to-use interface.

To open Resource Monitor, type monitor in the search box on the Start menu and then select Resource Monitor from the results list. The default window appears with the Overview tab displayed. In the Overview tab, you can see the four monitored resources -- CPU, disk, network and memory -- with their corresponding graphs.

Just click a resource's header bar on the Overview tab to view statistics for that resource. For greater detail, click a specific resource tab along the top of the Resource Monitor window.

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