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Windows 7 system monitoring: Resource Monitor, Performance Monitor

Help your customers get a handle on PC resource usage and bottlenecks with two built-in Windows 7 system monitoring tools: Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor.

Windows 7 system monitoring: Resource Monitor, Performance Monitor

The Windows 7 system has two built-in tools -- Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor -- that allow solutions providers to keep tabs on the resources a system uses.

Windows 7 Resource Monitor provides a quick summary of overall CPU, disk, network and memory utilization. Windows 7 Performance Monitor lets you examine a large number of counters for specific system processes and services.

This slideshow examines both of these Windows 7 system monitoring tools and gives solutions providers tips for using them efficiently. Knowing about these tools can help you to build service offerings and bring in new business from Microsoft's fastest-selling operating system to date.

Find out how to use the many Windows 7 system monitoring features and capabilities that Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor provide, including improved resource usage data, the ability to monitor specific programs and services and easily accessible Windows 7 system diagnostic reports.


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