Windows 7 system: Resource Monitor memory information

The memory and CPU tabs in the Resource Monitor provide additional details for Windows 7 system monitoring, including resource consumption graphs and physical memory allocation.

Windows 7 system: Resource Monitor memory information

Memory: This tab displays the processes running on a Windows 7 system, along with memory-related details of each process. The Physical Memory section displays a line-bar graph showing the amount of physical memory that's in use, modified, on standby or free. If the free memory is below 100 MB, the system is likely to hang or crash when several more programs are loaded. You may need to end some processes temporarily and consider increasing the amount of RAM installed.

CPU: This tab displays the CPU resources a Windows 7 system is using. If a system is slow or frequently becomes unresponsive, first check overall CPU usage. There are no hard rules, but for systems that run consistently at 70% or higher, check the CPU tab in Resource Monitor to see which process(es) is(are) consuming the most resources. Just like in Task Manager, you can end a process by right-clicking the process name and selecting End Process.


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