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What software applications are you working with prior to Vista?

Before deploying Vista, make sure you know what software applications are currently in use by your customer. Find out why in this FAQ guide.

Q: What software applications are you working with prior to Vista?

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J. Peter Bruzzese is an independent consultant and has worked for and with Goldman Sachs, CommVault Systems and Microsoft, among other clients. He focuses on corporate training and travels frequently to speak at conferences. Peter is the author of Tricks of the Windows Vista Masters and writes for Redmond Magazine. Listen to his supplemental podcast on Vista deployment to hear more information about compatibility problems and Vista vs. XP.

There are some applications that cause problems when working with Vista. There are any number of reasons why this is the case, but it would help if you knew in advance what business applications your customer relies on daily. One of the main causes for application problems with Vista is the new User Account Control feature. For years, Microsoft encouraged software developers to work within its guidelines (without strictly enforcing those guidelines). Well, now those guidelines are being enforced by the OS. Because of this, some applications require administrative credentials to run. You can download, for free, the Application Compatibility Toolkit to help with some of these issues. (You can learn more about the Application Compatibility tools at Technet, and you can download the Toolkit here.) One of the tools you might find helpful is the Standard User Analyzer. It can look at what permissions are required between an administrator and a standard user and then mitigate those permissions so that the standard user can use applications that might otherwise only function for an administrator.

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