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What other revenue opportunities might be justified with this project?

Network performance management projects are rarely one-time propositions. Solution providers can often identify subsequent projects that might help to address the client's business goals or save the client money. There may also be opportunities to add recurring management or services to the project which add value for the client.

What other revenue-generating opportunities might be justified with this management project (e.g., ongoing services, added value, secondary network projects/improvements, etc.)?

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Solution provider Dave Sobel is CEO of Evolve Technologies. Hear more from Dave in our network performance management podcast

I'm actually looking at a network performance management project from two perspectives. First, I want to consider the specific short-term needs, whether I'm doing an analysis or installing equipment to perform monitoring or some other immediate activity. Second, I want to consider ongoing support and maintenance of that work. For example, suppose you have a client with ongoing management needs that are essential to keep performance at a prescribed level by restricting sites or ensuring availability. I'm going to think about my ongoing services in addition to the initial project work, and consider ways to package the total solution so that I'm engaged with the client on a recurring basis. Solve the short-term need, and see how you can address the long-term needs.

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