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What other peripherals could my customer benefit from?

To profit from peripherals, you should improve your customer's environment with every purchase they make. Learn how to recognize what peripherals might benefit your customer.

What other peripherals could my customer benefit from?

When you're installing the customer's equipment, take the opportunity to assess workstations.

Identify any deficiencies that will allow you to offer other peripherals that will benefit the customer. Here are three examples:

  • A data-entry clerk may benefit from a more ergonomic keyboard, a foot pedal or both.
  • You may notice the user has a desk that's cramped for a mouse and would benefit from using a trackball instead. This apparently minor upgrade can make a huge difference in usability.
  • A knowledge worker may save time by having a dedicated printer in her office rather than sharing a pooled printer. She will also be able to keep confidential printouts from interested eyes.

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Approach the topic of extra peripherals carefully -- if you simply charge about offering to "super-size" all the equipment in sight, you'll probably get a poor reaction. But if you talk to the customer about the company's needs, you can easily mention you've spotted a way that adding another peripheral could save him time or money. With this approach, both you and the customer can win.

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