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What operating systems are used at the customer organization?

Your customer's OS preference might not be the same as yours. Learn how to work within your customer's OS and provide an authentication solution that works best within their network architecture.

What operating systems are primarily used at the customer organization?

Some contractors don't realize that you can't just go into an organization and change the way the customer does business. For example, if the organization is primarily a research firm that utilizes a strong Unix base, you shouldn't go in trying to do a hard sell on a Windows solution simply because that's what you get the best deal on or because that's what you're most comfortable with. Try to work within the confines of the customer's network architecture and provide a solution that works best for them, not you.

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Russ Rogers is an information security expert and author of Nessus Network Auditing, 2nd Edition. Russ is currently a penetration tester for the federal government.

In most cases, however, you'll find a Microsoft authentication solution may work just fine. But there are still a lot of Novell- and Unix-based LDAP shops out there that will need your support as well. Aside from the obvious difference in the operating system being used, you'll also have a number of integration issues related to how you implement the new solution with existing applications, such as email, login software and remote access.

This was last published in September 2008

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