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What operating systems are being used?

Learn why you need to ask which operating systems are in play with blade server virtualization projects.

Q: What operating systems are in scope?

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Martin MacLeod is an IT consultant based in London with several years' experience deploying and supporting blade servers in volume. He also blogs at, where he tracks news on blade servers, grids and virtualization. Listen to the rest of Martin's answers on blade server virtualization by downloading our blade server virtualization podcast.
Operating systems are going to determine the hardware and the scope of the blade server virtualization project. If you're looking at just x86 servers running Linux and Windows, then your project is only going to require x86 infrastructure. But at the same time you might want to get Solaris containers or Unix virtualization to see if you can get them [running] off the hardware you're using.

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This was last published in February 2008

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