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What new technologies should solution providers have a handle on?

There are many new technologies for a solution provider to embrace, including virtualization, data deduplication and green initiatives. The solution provider then has a competitive edge that they can offer to clients in a variety of industries or vertical markets.

What are some of the new technologies that a solution provider should have a handle on? Why is each important?

Everybody is talking about virtualization, data deduplication and managed services -- and many are deploying these solutions today. I say it's really not the technology or the "technical" solution; the differentiation is the overall solution and its impact on the client's business.

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Paul Myerson is the senior channel analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Listen to more from Paul in our top VAR business concerns podcast

The two technologies that really have the biggest influence on the client's business today are virtualization and green initiatives. Remember that "green" isn't solely power, packaging and cooling; it's the effect on the client's overall business. An example is the use of virtualization for server consolidation. This reduces hardware, maintenance, and related operating costs (such as power etc).

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