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What network performance management technologies can be used?

There are numerous network performance management technologies that can be deployed in the client's network, but not all of those technologies fit the client's needs or budget constraints. A solution provider must understand the available technologies and select the best fit for each unique project.

What are the various network performance management technologies that can be used?

Any solution provider will need to examine the many technologies available and consider the vendors they want to work with in order to solve the client's problem. You can impose network performance management at the perimeter, from within the network, within "the cloud" or on the WAN connection.

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Solution provider Dave Sobel is CEO of Evolve Technologies. Hear more from Dave in our network performance management podcast  

We often employ a traffic shaping and management appliance that sits inline with network traffic that allows us to implement application-level controls. But other solutions may work at the firewall level where you're doing traffic management and monitoring. Again, it's a matter of the client's need, the vendor you prefer and the budget available.

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