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What is your company's hardware upgrade cycle?

Your customer's hardware upgrade cycle can affect your scheduling for implementing peripherals. Find out why it's important to ask about the hardware upgrade cycle before selling peripherals to your customer.

What is your company's hardware upgrade cycle?

It's essential to understand the company's hardware upgrade cycle so that you can plan a schedule for implementing PCs and peripherals. Your schedule will help you to work with the customer's budget constraints, which will often mean performing work to deadlines set for financial reasons rather than more obviously practical reasons.

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Guy Hart-Davis is the author of CNET Do-It-Yourself PC Upgrade Projects, How to Do Everything: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and more than 40 other computer books. He specializes in PCs and Windows, Macs and Mac OS X, and VBA.

Fitting your implementation schedule successfully to the company's hardware upgrade cycle and budget helps you retain customers in the long term. Keeping existing customers is far less expensive than acquiring new customers and can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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