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What infrastructure product areas are most important for a VAR to focus on?

Discover why storage, networking and management are the key underpinnings of any virtual infrastructure.

Storage and networking are very important. Some of the core capabilities that VMware brings to the table -- in terms of zero-downtime maintenance, using VMotion, distributed resource scheduling [and] high availability -- require a shared storage infrastructure, so storage is extremely important.

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Rod Lucero is chief technical officer of St. Paul, Minn.-based VAR VMPowered. Listen to the rest of Rod's answers on VMware by downloading our VMware podcast.

Networking is hugely important, too, because we run quite a bit of networking in and out of these ESX servers from the actual virtual machine networking traffic. [With] the management that goes on within a virtual infrastructure, in the SCSI space, we're relying on that same network infrastructure, so strong storage and networking skills are essential for a company to be successful with a virtual infrastructure.

VMware purchased Dunes for a reason last year. Virtualization in the x86 world has created some new problems, specifically VMware sprawl, so management is a very important facet to a virtual infrastructure -- keeping our arms around who's doing what, where, when; where our virtual machines are coming from; where they are going. Each virtual machine takes up some resources, so it's important that we know what we're doing with our virtual machines -- who's creating them, when they're creating them, when they're deleting them and whether they're deleting them properly. It's the core infrastructure -- storage [and] networking -- but management is absolutely paramount.

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