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What got you interested in data storage security?

Clients come to data storage security with different needs. Asking customers why they're interested in data storage security is crucial to developing solutions to address their needs.

Q: What's happened recently to make you interested in storage security?

About the expert
Ryk Edelstein is the founder and director of operations of Converge Net Inc., a Montreal-based network services provider specializing in data loss prevention, risk and vulnerability management, and automated policy violation detection and protection. He has held various roles for a number of IT services companies since 1981. Click to download his data storage security FAQ podcast.

When clients approach a VAR with an expressed or urgent data storage security need, the reason is typically due to a recent incident involving data loss, a discovered vulnerability, or to fill gaps in policy or meet best practice, or to establish compliance with regulations. Understanding the clients' objectives is critical to positioning a suitable solution, whether involving modification to policy or the positioning of technology.

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