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What does the potential customer think about the green storage gap?

Embarking on a green storage project requires that a solution provider find out what the customer knows about the green storage gap. VARs and integrators should explain how the green gap can affect a green storage project.

What does the potential green storage customer think about the green storage gap?

It is important that potential customers understand what the green storage gap is. The green storage gap is what separates vendor and industry messaging around issues such as carbon footprint reduction and cost savings, versus customer issues including addressing performance, growth, power and cooling or floor space constraints, rising costs and the need to sustain business growth and enhanced applications.

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Greg Schulz is founder of the StorageIO Group and author of the books Resilient Storage Networks: Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures (Elsevier) and The Green and Virtual Data Center: Strategies for enabling environmental and economically friendly Next Generation Data (Auerbach). Learn more at

On one side of the green storage gap, there is messaging believed to be aligned with what customer issues are; on the other side, there's the belief that green issues are not what needs to be addressed. In reality, the green messaging is in fact about improving on energy efficiency to boost productivity, maximize IT budgets, do more with less, enable growth, address power, cooling, floor space and environmental health and safety-EHS (PCFE) issues. Closing the green storage gap means bridging the distance and disconnect along with stepping over green noise and "green washing" topics (taking on the image of being green instead of actually behaving or enabling environmental benefits to promote a solution or vendor) to get down to the business of enabling IT to maximize their budgets, to do more work and store more data in smaller footprints while boosting productivity.

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